HERBESAN®: naturally!

Our expertise

Born out of an understanding of traditional herbal remedies from the twentieth century, HERBESAN® (from the Latin herbae sanae, meaning ‘healthy herbs’) is a leading brand in the Natural Health and Wellness industry, with products available from pharmacies and health and beauty retailers.
For years, we have been developing a holistic approach to well-being and health, using food supplements which are primarily plant-based.
Herbesan products are passed down from mother to daughter.

A commitment to excellence

We guarantee the traceability of all our products, both upstream and downstream in the supply chain. We select only the best raw materials for use.

We perfect the processes used to make our products, with each step carefully monitored - from our research to the design of our formulas, and from the creation of our products to their distribution.

At the forefront of research

Our team is constantly conducting new research into plants and ingredients to make products that best meet your needs.