Harnessing all the energy of the sea!

“Every living organism is a genuine marine aquarium where the cells forming the organism continue to live under original conditions”. Quote by René Quinton.

The Quinton method

René Quinton, a French biologist, renowned since the early XXth century (1866-1925), studied the properties of sea water with passion. He carried out research in an attempt to highlight the analogy between the composition of sea water, the medium via which life on earth was created, and that of the inside of the human body.
His research led him to conclude that are certain similarities between sea water and blood plasma in terms of composition. The conclusions of his research have been published in two works.

  • QUINTON, René - L'eau de Mer milieu organique - (1912: Ed. Masson) Re-print: Ed. ENCRE 1995
  • QUINTON, René et SIMON, Dr. Robert - L'EAU DE MER en injections isotoniques sous-cutanées dans le traitement de la tuberculose pulmonaire - Paris, Éditions de la Revue des Idées - 1906

HMP, hypertonic marine plasma

PMH is produced completely and exclusively from sea water. We selected the preserved Natura 2000 site on the Bréhat islands in Brittany to collect our sea water.
HMP is obtained without sterilising at high temperatures and without irradiation according to the technique devised by René Quinton and in accordance with current legislation.

Did you know?

The aim of the Natura 2000 European network is to preserve the biodiversity of several natural sites according to a policy of sustainable development.

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